VAT Registration

Are you unsure about your VAT responsibilities?

Navigating VAT can be tricky, and if you are unsure about your responsibilities, we can help. It is a tax applied to the goods and services sold by a business when they are registered. You must complete the registration process if your business’ turnover exceeds the current threshold of £85,000, but you can make it voluntarily. We can closely monitor your situation, advising you if you should register for it and deal with all the paperwork.

Once registered, you must prepare and file a VAT return. It reports the ‘Value Added Tax’ on your sales and purchases together with the balance payable to HMRC. You complete it every quarter or three months. We can prepare your returns giving you peace of mind that your returns are being filed on time, ensuring you avoid incurring fines.

There are also several schemes available that could aid in reducing bookkeeping responsibilities for VAT or even result in savings. We can use our expert knowledge to advise you on the schemes you are eligible for and recommend if you would benefit from adopting one of the schemes’

Other VAT Services

Making Tax Digital

To encourage services to move online, HMRC introduced the making tax digital scheme. Under this scheme, businesses registered for VAT are required to maintain digital records and use software to submit their returns. It currently only applies to those businesses with a turnover above £85,000; it will soon stretch to all companies. If you are required to make the switch or want to get ahead of the deadline, we can support you with moving online.

Is your VAT under investigation?

We understand the stress that you may feel if your tax affairs are investigated by HMRC and are here to support you. We can act on your behalf, communicating with HMRC to fight your corner.

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