Account Preparation Services

Accounts Preparation Services​

Why do I need year-end accounts?

We can prepare your sole trader, partnership, landlord business, limited company, charity and not for profit organisation year-end accounts.
Sole trader and partnership accounts form the basis for the self-assessment tax return. In addition, limited company accounts must be submitted to Companies House and along with the corporation tax return to HM Revenue & Customs. All have deadlines that we monitor closely to ensure compliance.

We must present accounts in a specific format following accounting standards. Therefore, as well as preparing the accounts in the prescribed format, we will review them with you to help you understand the profitability of the business and its financial position.

Why is book-keeping important?

Book-keeping ensures the accuracy of the information submitted to HM Revenue & Customs and can also assist business owners in reviewing the performance of the business in real-time. For limited companies, it is a legal requirement to maintain adequate records. For many VAT businesses, making tax digital regulations are in place, which requires digital records to be maintained regularly. In the future, the making tax digital requirements will also shift to sole trader, partnership and landlord businesses.

We can accept your accounting records in the simplest forms, be it bank statements and a box of receipts up to fully maintained accounting software records. We will make recommendations for improvements where we feel it would benefit you. Ideally, though, maintaining adequate records should be an integral part of running any business. It can be challenging and time-consuming. At JDT, we understand this struggle and therefore offer book-keeping services tailored to meet your needs. With our help, you can benefit from less time spent on paperwork and therefore, more time running your business.

Cloud and Management Accounting Services

Online book-keeping (Cloud Accounting)
We can also help you to move your book-keeping online in to the cloud. The transition to online need not be daunting; our staff are experienced with all online packages and can provide you with the support to make a move and are here to answer any questions you may have. Making the switch to online book-keeping will allow you to run your business anywhere and save paper too!
Would I benefit from regular management accounts?

Management accounts can provide you with valuable insight into your business in real-time, covering essential profitability, cash flow and budgeting. We can prepare your management accounts regularly to assist you in building a clearer understanding of your business. In addition, regular monitoring of financial performance can allow early identification of any potential issues, enabling you to adjust any plans accordingly.

We can help you understand various aspects of the accounts, such as gross profit margins, break-even sales, and areas to make cost savings. Having a greater understanding of the business’s financial performance can help you make and implement solid plans that will help both you and your business succeed.

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